What They Say

"Ms. Welch is the definition of a true professional and a compassionate attorney. She is very detailed and strategic, explaining the law and court processes to clients. Her outstanding team treated me as a top priority—compassionately—(at) a difficult time in her life. She has the knowledge, experience and passion. Excellent lawyer."

“The guidance and support provided by your office during my divorce transformed what was otherwise an aversive and onerous task into a quite meaningful, even rewarding, experience. In my many years as a clinical and forensic psychologist, I have had ample opportunities to interact with attorneys on both the criminal and civil sides of the legal system. Rarely have I observed such a combination of legal acumen and genuine concern. You and your office are a credit to your profession and the community that you serve.”

“I am so much better off because of your strength and power.”

“Always well prepared, you mapped out the best strategy to bring about a successful conclusion. Thank you for going beyond what was expected and showing—through your professionalism, knowledge and dedication—how much you really cared.”

“The quality of people who work with you is outstanding.”

“Because of your sincere desire for justice, I have my life back.”

“Thank you for being caring, considerate and compassionate in the midst of an emotionally trying situation. Your solid moral compass and unwavering ethical code is not easy to come by; it was overwhelmingly gratifying to get my desired results while walking away with a clean conscience. I trusted the outcome of my life’s path to your hands and would do it again in a heartbeat if need be.”

“Your kindness extends beyond the job. Thank you for your time and patience.”

“We were in the best of hands—not only in terms of legal expertise, but also in terms of honesty and integrity.”

This firm does not promise any specific outcome. Every client and every case is different. Prospective clients may not receive the same or similar results.